Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why I blame black women pt1

( orginally published 2010)

If you have ever been in a restaurant, mall, or grocery store and had the unfortunate experience of having a Negro female wait on you, while chewing gum, tobacco, snuff, or of course eating then you pretty much understand close to 70% of what will follow in this classic. Negro women are some of the most uncouth, socially ignorant brute savages on earth. She hides her social barbarism behind a carefully crafted mask used to fool people into thinking she is a respectable woman, when in reality she is a low down simple minded freak who have created a resume filled with her worthless accomplishments that have lead to the demise of the black race.
The list in fact is endless but a few of her major failures includes: A. she is responsible for the death of the black church, B.she holds ownership to the spread of homosexuality among her black men, C. the mental condition of her children speaks volumes to the tainted seed she has passed to them. In fact at each turn in black America one will encounter the fruits of her failure, she has done to black people what slavery, the Middle Passage, Jim Crow, lynching, fire hoses and police dogs couldn’t she has damn near destroyed the ra

After reading this classic it will be clear to you how black woman are to blame for what we see in black America. She has taken an entire race and ran it into the dung heap based on her lack of class, dignity, morals, and self respect. It’s her fault, she is to blame. Thanks to her desire to be both male / female she has taken on dual roles, as she does this it’s to the demise of the race.
Her selfishness has affected every aspect of Afro-American culture to the point we have reached no return, the flood gates have been opened and there is no stopping the onslaught of moral decline. What we see in the black community is the results of a misguided black woman, and the effects has reared its head in the form of a totally dysfunctional community, as hard as this may seem the only one we can blame, the only one we must blame, is the American black female!
Each section you’ll read is laced with documentation that shows how far the black woman have sunk into a mental grave she has dug herself, it’s not enough for her to wallow in a social pig pen over flowing with her own dysfunctional filth, she has dragged the race into that swamp as well. Don’t take my words on this, watch as she listens too and buys Hip Hop garbage that calls her bitch’s and whores, observe her while she slips a string between her flabby cheeks while buck dancing on the world stage degrading herself, and her litter of bastard children, this is done while breathing fresh life into age old stereotypes concerning Negro women.
Hear her laughing while a down low faggot makes fun of black women in film, Tyler Perry has become a millionaire dressing up like a black woman while they sit eating pop corn and drinking soda, all the while laughing at this degenerate freak.

She supports without question a black female sitting in a position none have ever sat “Michelle Obama” has become the standard bearer for Afro-American women, yet this nappy headed black woman has nothing to say concerning the plight of Negro women in America. Yes she is the pall bearers at her own funeral, while she carries her own coffin to its final resting spot, she has dragged the race kicking and screaming with her.
Because the female is the first transmitter of culture, be it good or bad, is it any wonder her daughters are as sexually loose as their mothers? Young girls know about as much as their mother concerning female hygiene, this means almost nothing, it explains why both smell, in ninety degrees both can be caught in extra tight jeans, while exposing a silk thong, the natural 

perspiration from the female body that could have been absorbed by cotton, cant by silk, so she 
becomes a leading candidate for a yeast infection, compound that with the endless stream of men who will dump off a load of tainted DNA in her landfill between her legs you’ll began to understand why you will need a mask if you plan on getting close to her.
Yes it saddens me to type these words but type them I must the black female has sunk to the bottom of the dating food chain. The same female who at one time was worshipped because of her beauty, longed after because of her figure, ruled kingdoms, and set the standard of elegance, and class today has become the laughing stock of the dating world. No one can figure out how she remains single even after obtaining a good education, well paying jobs, her own home, a body that’s the envy of women the world over, yet, when it comes to mate selection she is always a bridesmaid and very seldom the bride.
Her men would rather sleep with one another guy then to cuddle up next to her, this may baffle those who have not studied Negro women as I have, for the last twenty years I have conducted an experiment on black women, what you are about to read are the footnotes from my study / research.
The title of this classic created a storm of anger / emotions long before I sat down to type one word. For some the mere suggestion that black women are to blame for the social, political, and religious condition of American Negro’s rubs them the wrong way. Their anger centers on a simple premise: black women have been the back bone of the community, not the source of its current dysfunctional state. With this misguided logic fueling their rage the following retorts are common place, how dare anyone, especially a black man open his mouth to utter such words of damnation against Negro women?
He has to be an Uncle Tom, or a sellout, surly a black female has hurt him to make him lash out at them in such a fashion. The rationales are as numerous as the average black woman’s sex mates, yet none hits the main point. Modern day black woman have positioned themselves as the incubator for the social, political and religious problems that stalk black America.
The fact no black man has had balls large enough to promote such a position does not remove merit from the argument it only shows how deep the social indoctrination, religious propaganda, the black man’s lust for smelly, sweaty sex, with big butt silly black tramps has 

affected his thinking. Black men lack the courage to say what I’m about to say in this classic. The reason being most are chained, incarcerated, or serving life sentences in dead end relationships with these same women.
Therefore to keep down confusion they find themselves defending her positions, even though they have firsthand experience and understand how right I am. Who can deny the fault of black male / female relations lay at the feet of your average black woman? Thanks to her believing the lie told to her by the American white liberal the Negro female has taken from her man a position handed to him by God, as she lives out this unnatural union the end result is mass confusion, disunity, and the complete demise of the black family, all by the actions of modern day black women.
Who while wallowing in her sexual smut, social chaos, and religious degradation has given birth to a culture of anti-intellectual savages, from between her legs has slithered a cursed race of young misfits who glory in dressing like buffoons, taking a word designed to dehumanize them and turning it into a badge of honor, ridiculing learning as acting white, while upholding deviancy as acting black, no one can take this blame but the American black woman.
The African proverb say’s a culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women. She sets the standard, as she goes so goes the race, but if she becomes stagnant, stuck in a moral ditch, if her mental development is retarded by social meaninglessness, religious clap trap, who won American Idol, what’s happening on the Real House wives of Atlanta, Orange County, New Jersey, Washington D.C., or West Virginia, as she wallows in her own mental grave, she will drag the race, culture into that same abyss where they will experience the same demise.
I could close my case at this point, but I will proceed, because black women are stupid, and driven by what they see, her intoxication to have a man has made her remove the bar of expectations or lowered to the point she has no standards for the men who will waltz in and out her life, using her legs like a revolving door that never closes. While three get set to leave, four are prepared to enter, and as they do they will bring with them homosexual tendencies, she will ignore after all they are willing to do anything to her / with her, because most want to try and 

recapture their manhood, or keep concealed their homosexuality, and it’s the act of doing whatever that gives her sexual gratification, shields his gay life style, or a prop for his missing manhood, so at the end of the day who is fooling who?  
Because she is too busy perfecting her craft as a church slut, ghetto super star, dope mule she has very little time to deal with the socialization of her children, due to the fact she lacks respect for their biological father (more on this later) she allows their adopted father” the white liberal-demonic  Godless culture” to teach her young the misguided values they will need to become worthless savages like herself and their biological father.
Sad to say it but black women don’t have standards, half a man is better then no man at all in her eyes, you can forget talk of raising the bar the only thing the black woman will raise up is her skirt, expectations / accountability for the endless stream of men who waltz in and out her simple life forget it, these apes love dysfunctional relationships. From these unions of chaos oozes the deadly plagues that has destroyed black America, can I prove these statements? Yes I can as you read you shall find out.
To help digest my thesis some black women have found comfort in misguided logic that would suggest I’m angry at black women, and the source of my anger is derived from a bad relationship. As usual she is wrong and this time it’s on two fronts.
First I would hardly classify my thesis on black women as one that has its origin in anger, but understanding of who and what they are, secondly I have never allowed any black female to get close enough to me to do any emotional damage. I feed them from long handled spoons, when on their turf I take nothing of value, nor sit with my back to their door, or windows. I never drink from a plastic cup, nor eat food I was not present to watch her prepare, this means being around to watch her stuff food into a microwave! If I have to sleep there I have mastered the art of doing so with both eyes open, simply put, no matter how big her butt, how cute her face, I simply don’t trust a emotionally unstable, socially scandalous, sexually loose, church attending 

black female.
She could have class, and grace of a Toni Braxton, the body of Alicia Key’s / Beyonce, with the 
looks of Hale Berry and my views would not change, in fact the better the Negro woman looks, the bigger her butt / breast the more likely is the possibility that there will be an endless stream of down low pastors, deacons, petty dope dealers, local rappers who reside in their mammies basement, and even a few bisexual lesbians who will be competing for her attention. My advice is simple when in this situation never believe your own press, trust her about as far as you can 
pick her up and toss her.
Trust me, that female she is always with is more then her friend from high school, and the guy who keeps popping up while you’re at her house is not her brother, note he is in none of her family pictures littered trough out her house. Treat her like a toilet in a crowded public rest room, get in do your business and get out, there is a line waiting their turn. Harsh, not at all just the cold hard fact , when dealing with the modern day black woman, expect very little by way of intellectual thought, plan for endless drama, if she has children as most do, prepare yourself for two or three baby daddies at the least, there may be more, depending on his release date from the state pen.
You see unlike the Michael Baisden’s and Steve Harvey’s of the world I view black women through a clear lens, that shows me who and what they are, I don’t over look their condition(s) out of some alleged love for them that would make me excuse their shabbiness.
Because I seek to offer a sound analysis of them backs my position that I’m their number one defender. The words I speak are immersed in love for black women they are the same words nappy headed Michelle Obama would say if she had as much love for Negro women as me. What I say I mean, I harbor no desire to excite women just to get a reply, what you are about to read are views I would stand before almighty God and defend. As always being the fair and balanced guy I am, I have offered black women opportunity to refute anything I have written, on more the one occasion I have asked them to write down their thoughts and I would post it on this site.

That’s where I made my first mistake, asking them to write down their thoughts is an exercise 
in futility when you consider the average black woman don’t think, they have so much to say, 
but as soon as you put the burden on them to write it down, they become as quite as their husband, boyfriend does when she first finds out he is a down low faggot.
She lacks the ability to convey a sound thought minus yelling and screaming, and seeing typing would remove such a emotional response from her bottomless abyss of drama, she settles for doing what she does best, yelling, screaming, making treats, and acting like the preschooler 

most of them are mentally.
Much like the food section in most super markets where the items are sold at reduced prices because of some imperfection, black females reside in such a section, because most are simply damaged goods. Dress it up with as many short tight skirts, jeans, low cut tops, and heels, the facts remain, her expiration date has passed a long time ago, and much like drinking milk pass it’s date, you do so at your own risk. The same is true for black females, dating one of these emotionally unstable, hood-rats you do so at your own risk, and as most black men have found out, at your own demise!.
When I speak of hood-rats, this term should not be confused with the ghetto, for you have hood-rats occupying every social class in the Afro-American community. In fact I would be more in tune when I suggest that close to 99% of black women falls into this definition. This explains why most are still single or in meaningless relationships / marriage’s. the ghetto nature of black women can easily be concealed just below the surface, by her extra large ass, big sagging breast, oral skills, or a head flowing with artificial flammable strings, but given the right set of circumstances it will rear its ugly head exposing her to be what she has always been, a hood-rat.

The Black Female & the demise of the black family

Regardless of what misinformed Afro-centrist, pseudo revolutionaries, pro-black, and back to Africa Negro’s say the Triangular Slave Trade didn’t destroy the black family. Over four hundred years of chattel slavery didn’t do it, the political exploits of the Civil War / Reconstruction didn’t do it. Not Jim Crow, Bull Conner, fire hoses nor police dogs destroyed the black family, the black female did!
The fact was after slavery we had a black family unit in tack pokes wholes in all their arguments. The misguided notion that the black family was broken up due to slavery may sell T- shirts, at an African Festival, but it fails to promote the truth, thanks mainly to D.P. Moynihan who advocated public policy based on the common idea that American slavery had destroyed the black family. These misguided attempts sent black historians into a wild research mode to disprove these findings, one such historian was Herbert Gutman whose book: The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, 1750-1925 one of the best sources on the subject documents that the black family was in tack long after the chains of slavery had been broken.
The single parent family we have today was the product of American racism, the American white man, Negro women, and social service agencies joined forces to remove the black man from the home. The white liberal aided and abided by Negro women created a scheme that would destroy the black family, bringing it to the point of extension.
The fruits of this diabolical plan are still felt today, although it was put into motion close to eighty years ago with the advent of welfare / New Deal government policies. By the hand of government the God ordained order of the family was redone to suit an overtly racist society that sought to eliminate black men. When God proclaimed in that book 60% of you Negro Christians fail to study, while the remaining 40% misquote, the head of every woman is the man, and the head of every man was God, he continued as long as the man loved the woman as Christ loved the church, she “meaning the black woman” should submit to her man.
God didn’t say as long as he had and equal or higher education then the women should she submit, he didn’t say as long as he made more money than the woman was she to submit, he said as long as that man loved her with the love Christ has for his church she should submit. With those words we have the foundation of black male / female disunity, the average black female has an issue with submission.
She views it as if she is beneath the man, yet it’s the natural order God put in place, so if black woman have an issue it’s with God. Still most will refuse to pay attention to this part of the Bible they claim to believe.
The demonic liberal was able to flip the entire order, out of his desire to destroy black men he sold to black women the lie that they had both sex organs, and as long as she made more money, had a higher education then her man she did not have to submit, in fact her social status should make her the new head of the family.
The Bible is very clear on the role of both men and women, to function as a unit pleasing in the sight of God, the man and woman had roles to fulfill, as long as both operated within their role, the unit would flourish, and God would be pleased, yet anytime you find the order out of sync you can rest assure someone is out of place. Thus we have the definition of why black men and woman can’t seem to get it together, both are out side the will of God’s original plan, and when that happens the end result can be nothing but confusion.
What better word reveals the current state of black male / female unions then complete and total confusion? Include educational levels, and economic disparity, boring sex, and you have the recipe for a swift visit to the divorce court. Well for those who even bothered to get married most of you Negro’s simply live together.
After welfare had removed the man from the home, and allowed women upward mobility via job training programs, paid education and daycare, her black man was left behind rotting away in prisons, menial labor low paying jobs, street corners, pool halls or church deacon boards. Standing on one shoulder of the empty headed black female was the American white woman, on the other was the American white man, both whispering into her ear anti-Godly positions endorsed by a racist American culture.
On one hand the liberal was telling the brain dead black woman that she was indeed the backbone of the black community, and newly appointed head of the family, due to her education and earning potential. On the other hand white women told her that she was a newly liberated woman who didn’t need a man to tell her what she could or couldn’t do. The racist feminist movement that never have looked out for black women convinced the Negro woman that she was a victim of sexism and the way she could combat it was to join, and join the black woman did.
As she sipped from the cracked cup of feminist dogma, compounded with her upward mobility created a black woman who with her mouth said she loved God, but with her actions showed she was in a league with Satan. She proclaimed with ignorant pride she didn’t need a man, so today God has given her the desires of her heart, this newly created black female was liberated from intelligence, God, the black family, and her role, she has become the living fulfillment of the term dysfunctional,
While she boasted of her newly appointed role as the head of the family, she never took the time to notice she was losing her own man, those whom the criminal justice system didn’t suck up, white women did, the remaining has opted to sleep with other men then to put up with the endless drama from a loud mouth black bimbo. The ones who remain lack the stones to take a stand against her and inform her she is way out of line, so they become the silent majority, black men who are imprisoned, chained, or stuck in relationships, marriages with women who society has told her at any given moment she can discard because she really don’t need him.
The gulf between Negro women / men is so wide I’m not sure it can be bridged, what makes matters worse is the fact most of these black women attend a church, where the thief in the pull-pit will proclaim he wants to rebuild the black family.
He says this while offering no ministry towards the one God has said is the head of the family. As you digest that consider this, most of these black women have sons, who will sit and listen to a black man offer nothing in terms of ministry towards her son and the hell he will catch in this racist society, and they are cool with that, being the coconspirators in the death of the black 

church black women are as much to blame for the lack of black men in the church as worthless, nigger pastors.
The black church is dead, plain and simple right to the point. No one who has firsthand experience of the church would disagree with me. Exactly how this great institution died is a matter up for debate, for others that is, because I’m well aware who killed the black church. Worthless jack-legged, Negro clerics, who failed to secure a calling from God before they slithered into pulpits, and scandalous, big butt, over sized black whores.
Low down pit bulls in skirts, women who lack class, and dignity allowed their whorish nature to help kill the black church, her time spent on her back in the basement, church office or front pew, has turned the house of worship into a cesspool of sin and vise. The filthy black tramp slips a condom in her Bible and forgets to slip on panties and off the trick goes to Sunday worship, No one can deny the fact the black church is dead and Nigger pastors and black tramps worked together to kill it. Due to the fact the church is composed of 80% women they sit by while this freak hand selects his private brothel. The sad fact is they are ok with that; they would have to be because they enable him to do so. While these two sexual freaks act out animalistic sex, the black family and the one God selected to head it withers away much in the same manner as a used condom left in a church parking lot.

The Modern-day Hottentot Venus: Black women

Who in their right mind can deny black women gain their self worth from the size of their rears? It’s a fact that’s as funny as it is sad, when you consider they have nothing else to bring to the relationship table that has a value? Her only hold card is her extra wide butt; after it’s used the Negro woman is pretty much useless. After the guy has experienced what most men of the community have it’s a wrap, he will soon lose interest, and it also explains why the Negro woman is in a constant search for a new piece of meat.
Her ability to keep any mans interest depends on how soon she will drop her panties, that’s if 

she is wearing any. The American Negro female is her own worst enemy while she demands respect, and to be treated like a lady, she continues to place herself into sexual positions that after the few seconds is up it’s impossible to speak of respect.
The only thing you can do is treat her like the nickel and dime tramp she is, smack her on her wide load, and get a laugh the next time you see her all dolled up, skirt and heels walking with her head high while some poor sucker holds her hand, clueless as to where that hand was, or what it was wrapped around just a few hours ago.
This is why long before I crossed black females off my grocery list I crossed kissing them in the mouth. No tongue action please you can keep that flickering forked utensil in your cesspool with teeth.
The last time I kissed (in the mouth), hugged, held hands with a black female, Jimmy Carter was President, I just don’t do it, I would rather lick the bottom of a used garbage can. In fact if you’re dumb enough to kiss a black female that’s what you are doing. She is a slimy, nasty, freaky whore, who due to the endless men making deposits in her has developed an order that will bring tears to your eyes. As a matter of fact black women could be used by branches of the military as a secret weapon just fly them over Iraq, Afghanistan, dropped them off and then have them open their legs, lift up their skirts and pull their thongs to one side, it’s a practice they are familiar with in the pastor’s study so it’s no big deal in training them and as soon as terrorist get a whiff of the black females stench they will be begging America to stop air raiding them with these big butt stink bombs, with fake hair and heels!
The Negro wench has brought this on themselves, she has no one to blame, for it is the black woman who has breathed new life into age old stereotypes about black women. I have told black women time after time to go research what happened to Sara Bartman, The Hottentot Venus a black female who was taken back to Europe, placed in a cage to be displayed as a freak of nature, only because of the size of her rear. After she died the sick demonic devils removed her butt and placed it in pickle jars to have research done on why it was so large, this was back during the eighteenth century. The more things change the more they remain the same, for 

today you modern day black bimbo’s are the big butt heifers who have taken the life of the poor woman and breath fresh new life into it. The difference being you dumb black tramps have placed your own ignorant ass in a cage.
Allowing down low dope boys, drunken deacons, pastors/ preachers, police officers, semi pro football, basketball players and barbers to pay you chump change to show off your swagger, a tripled sized rear end stuffed into a skirt, jeans, or shorts two sizes too small. What can I say, you’re a bimbo, a full blown ape, who struts around with her paws painted, fur braided, dressed like a dime store whore.
If we could do you as those devilish doctors did Sara Bartman and remove your rear end, you would have no value what so ever. Whenever you stand up or turn sideways your value can be seen, when your wobbling down a church aisle, to drop off ten percent of your stripping money we can watch your worth, if we catch you down at the local welfare, HMHA, WIC, food pantry, or Save-A-lots your value will no doubt be on display just in case you can catch the eyes of one of these weak ass sucker’s, AKA black men.
You advertise your rear in the same fashion Nike does a pair of Air Jordan’s, from the moment you slither out of that hotel bed room, you’re on a mission to sell the only thing you can bring to the relationship table, your butt! Leave it to your class, dignity, self respect, brains, or intellect and you will die single.
The only trump card you hold, you sit on, other than that you black females have nothing to offer. Here is a lesson for you lame ass brothers out here when first meeting a black female cut with the small talk, what’s your name, sign, ECT. Just get to the meat and potato’s how large is it, can you drop it like it’s hot, is it firm or flabby, and last yet most important does it smells!
Some may say I’m being too harsh on you hookers, I say you black women have brought this on yourselves, the best way I can explain this to you women is to use an example very few of you know anything about, working out. In the gym the muscle you spend the most time working will be the one that grows, if you spend all your time working on your legs, the end result will be big legs and a smaller upper body, and vice versa.

The same is true in other aspects, you black woman have spent your days perfecting your craft: hand jobs, swallowing without blinking, oral skills, and bouncing up and down on laps of racist old white men, “who are living the fantasy of being a slave master having his way with a Nigger slave” as you help him relive his glory days with a smile on your stupid black face you allow gay black men to run up in you minus any kind of protection. While behind you he assures you he has slipped on the rubber, and just like the two cent tramp you are you take him at his word, never taking into consideration that he lied to you about being gay, so he might lie about the rubber.
Yet you allow him to have his way, then you sit looking like a black ape after you find out you have HIV, or some other STD, you black woman are stupid, plain and simple, your whorish nature, compounded by your stupidity has created a race of savages, Who view dysfunctional relationships, unions, dealings and friendships as normal. Like dumb ignorant sheep, the race has followed the Nigger female into the slaughter.

Hood-Rat Models & Ghetto Superstars

One of the main place’s the ruins from the black female’s moral / spiritual decline can be witnessed is on social networking sites. For it’s within these interwoven networks of human cyberspace interaction that her fallen nature rear’s its ugly head. In the form of raunchy, lewd, and distasteful pictures of these tramps that will litter your browser. The fact that most of these dysfunctional, emotionally unstable heifers claim to be a Christian, while posting pictures of them that simply put is nothing but pornography is most interesting, and should be troubling to their pastors if he weren’t the one taking the pictures.
For some strange reason unknown to man, black apes with big butts, seem to think poising naked for a fool with a rented digital camera is modeling. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, countless black tricks spread their slimy legs, expose their sagging breasts, while bending over a tree trunk in Grace Park, to this simple minded black hooch this is a photo shoot! Some place 

along the path of social development this black female took a wrong turn, and instead of winding up in adulthood as most do who travel that rode, this simple minded black tramp Veered backwards and wound up where she started childhood.
So here today we have a black woman who chronologically is an adult, but mentally she is a child. Who loves the attention she gets from black men who have reserved seats on this cultural Titanic, they shower her ignorant ass with all the attention she can handle and then some, soon this goes to her empty head and just like that we have the making of a hood-rat model, or ghetto super star.
She stuffs her sweaty feet into a high heel, while sporting a skin tight mini skirt, that hugs her wide load, then she is off bending over a thirty inch chrome rim conducting what will be called, only within the confines of the ghetto, a photo shoot, or she will appear on some goofy looking flyer advertising yet another silly party at that whole in the wall The Sky Lounge, as I sit watching this display of social buffoonery smoking a cigar I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry, I keep thinking to myself, what apes you people have become!
Countless black heifers have fallen victim to The Hood-rat Model / Ghetto Super Star syndrome. This is a black bimbo whom because she may look half way decent, meaning she has a large ass full of cellulite , sagging breast, due to three or four bastard kids swinging from them, or allow me to correct that, black wenches don’t breast feed, they reserve them for down low x cons, deacons, pastors, and petty dope boys. To assure her quick return to the street corner, stripper pole, or pastor’s floor, after spitting out yet another illegitimate future thug the Negro wench feed them conations created in an evil white mans lab and placed into cans labeled as baby food / milk.
As her children die a slow death from these creations she is assured her spot as a hood-rat model who will bounce her over sized ass in front of digital camera’s posing next to over sized chrome rims, decked out bikes, and supped up cars from the sixties complete with outlandish paint jobs, and over priced stereo systems. This is what the ghetto super star calls modeling. Because it feeds her shallow self image, and helps to justify why she has no real nine to five job, 

it also helps to bring her into to contact with other men who take pictures with a digital camera from Wal-Mart.
The slick talking x- pimp, pastor, or dope boy, promises the wench her pictures will bring her bigger and more lucrative deals if she would show more of her worn out flabby body, and just like that the Negro wench is doing nude pictures that soon will find their way to Face Book, Nude Africa, Online Booty Call or some other social networking site were the black wench can pass herself off as a full time single mom, and part time model, when in reality she is a full time whore and part time welfare cheat.
Who sticks up the Federal Government for subsidized housing, food stamps, baby formula, cheese, STD exams, abortions, tampons, and to help pay her way to a community college to pursue a degree in massage therapy, her entire worthless existence comes at the tax payers expense. This helps to free her up to pursue her dream of becoming a model, whenever you hear that term and it’s connected to a black scant in the hood, it can be interpreted as meaning whore.
The stupidity of the Negro hood-rat has mislead her into thinking that pictures of her exposing her flabby body is modeling, any two bit tramp can strike a pose at the local bar, watering spot, or church parking lot, as most of you have done. Yet that does not make you a model, it does make you a model whore, but not a high priced fashion model.
The average size of a model is zero, not twelve, they don’t consume fried wing dings, she may do a shoot for ten hours taking well over three hundred pictures and have them tell her they can use none of them, so tomorrow they will have to do it all over, meaning she will not have the time to post the pictures on My Space, Black Planet, Face Book, Nude Africa, Online Booty Call, nor your church web site.
Real fashion models push to appear at New York’s / LA’s fashion week, on the cover of Vogue, Bazaar, or some other fashion magazine, not Rims and Things, Tattoo Weekly, Big Butts, Pole Dancing for beginners. The sad fact is you black tramps are nothing but dime store hookers who because at first glance you may look better than the other tramp from last night you will 

get attention, but at the end of the day, or the deed whichever comes first the client will come to terms with who and what you are, a whore, a worthless slimy slithering black tramp, toting a Bible, concealing a STD / child, with your head in the clouds hoping of becoming a model.
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